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1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0

1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0
1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0

1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0    1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0

1-1 DVD/CD SATA Standalone Duplicator with Pioneer 22x Burner & USB. This is a fully standalone DVD/CD duplication machine that does not required a computer to operate.

We are also offering cutting edge technologies such as Dynamic Hard drive Partitioning (DHP) and Password Protection for all our SATA DVD/CD Duplicators. High Speed performance that can even handle the most demanding jobs. Added feature: USB 3.0! Disc duplication doesn't have to break the bank or tie up a computer. This 1 to 1 duplication system that is designed for users who don't do massive amounts of copying.

It is a complete stand-alone system so you can use it anywhere that you have power. And you can store it in a desk drawer when it isn't being used. Our duplicators are easy to use and are the best value in the market. The controller on the duplicator has the features of.

With large easy to read LCD display allows access to all features with the use of four simple button. Located on your LCD regards to system info, drive info, disc info. For DVD or CD at a preferred burning speed of the burner. Can save HD space by adjusting partition size based on file size accordingly.

Eliminates copy failures caused by Master Discs. Available to evaluate the reading quality of the Source DVD/CD before recording to ensure reading stability.

Available to speed up your recording procedure. At all level: full erase, quick erase on your CD-RW DVD-RW disc. For users to determine which preference of start after the duplicator is turned on. These modes include: Eject All, No Eject, Eject Target, Eject Source. Test Mode and Compare Mode. Available to ensure recording stability. Shows the total amount of successful and failure discs that you copy. Collect and edit tracks from different discs to compile a mix CD (Audio CD burning only). Video Demonstration of How easy it is to use our Professional Duplicators by Duplicators Central.

Please check out the video above on how easy to use our duplicators - Demo video of our 3 Burners Duplicator. At Duplicators Central , we will offer you the highest quality and most reliable duplicators with the Best Price and with great services. Your satisfaction is our goal!

SATA (thinner cable with faster transfer speed). 600 MB CD at 52x CD duplication speed. 4.7 GB DVD at 20x DVD duplication speed.

Easy to Use in 3 steps. Duplicates up to 2 DVDs/CDs simultaneously. Supports DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R Dual Layer, CD-R, CD-RW blank media standards. Automatic copy, verify, and compare functions.

Burning time 2 to 4 minutes for half full DVD & 5 to 8 minutes for full DVD. "User friendly" controller utilizes familiar "ESC" & "ENT" keys with tactile feedback for easy navigation. Optional high-speed USB 3.0 external connection.

When connected to a computer using this external connection, 1 of the burners on the duplicator can be used as an external optical drive. System is upgradeable via firmware. Password protection modes prevent unauthorized usage.

Auto Counter automatically monitors the number of successfully duplicated discs. Advanced Diagnosis Mode Troubleshoots & sets adjustment for optimal performance.

Selectable Burning Speeds and Automatic DVD/CD format recognition. Dynamic Hard Drive Partitioning automatically adjusts hard drive partitions based on the size of Master Disc.

Continuous Operation without cool down period. This process includes detailed overnight burn sessions which ensures that your system is in perfect working condition when your system is delivered. Stand-alone (No PC or software Required).

1 Target writer (Pioneer DVD/CD Burner). Not Available on single target duplicator. English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Japanese. DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-Audio Disc, CD-RW, Multi-session Photo CDT, CD-I, Video CD, CD-ROM XA, & CD Extra (CD Plus). 12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW, 12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW, 12cm 8.5GB DVD+R DL, 12cm 8.5GB DVD-R DL, 12cm 80min/700MB CD-R, 12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW, 8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R, 8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R, 8cm 50MB Business Card CD-R. Hard Drive Option Not Available on Single Target. A hard drive (HDD) can be added and built-in for storage and better performance. A hard drive will increase the burning speed and stability of duplication. The hard drive will be divided into smaller partitions where each partition can hold information for one source disc. The number of partitions available always depends on the size of the HDD. Users can access the hard drive from the controller panel to load, name, delete, and select a partition. If you have multiple originals which need to be duplicated time after time, the built-in HDD option is definitely recommended. The hard drive option is NOT available for 1 burner duplicator towers.

With this external interface connection, one of the burners on the duplicator can be used as an external optical drive from your computer to burn a copy of the master disc. Using your computer, you can then create a master disc from the duplicator. We highly recommend this option for users who do not have an optical burner on their computer. Our controller card are the best in the market with consistency in disc burning speed on all drives. We don't used the cheaper parts like controller card just to lower the overall price of the duplicator.

We offer more options for your duplication needs. This is a SATA (thinner cable with faster transfer rate) version and not the IDE Version (which is an outdated version soon to be phased out).

All of our duplicators are built and assemble by experienced technician. We are always strive to provide competitive pricing and give the most value for what you paid for. ALL of our duplicators are carefully assembled and fully tested from our warehouse before they are released. Shop smart while shopping online. Use extreme care and shop carefully while purchasing Duplicator products online.

Ease of Mind : When you need a quick turnaround on 40 copies of your training video, being able to do multiple duplications yourself is a great time saver. Having your own standalone duplication machine enables you to be a "short-order" DVD distributor. Just count the cost - duplicating on your own does require some time investment. But keep in mind to figure out the cost of ink and discs when determining your per-disc duplication cost. Flexibility : Your duplicator gives you the freedom to make changes at the last minute, such as adjusting the disc menu or needing additional editing on your discs.

You don't have to worry about missing the deadline to communicate those changes to outside duplication house. A further benefit is the ability to copy the exact number of discs your client needs - you're not stuck ordering an extra 100 discs just because that's the round number quantity an outside company offered.

A : Our controller card help drives burn discs in consistent speed and the controller works with all burners and drives with no reported issues. The hard drive can be added on to the duplicator with this controller card.

With our controller card installed in this duplicator, there are no compatible issue with major brand drives or hard drives. Not all components sell by other sellers are the same as ours. Especially the controller, which is the most essential component in the duplicator. Rest assured, we only sell the best! Example of SATA cables (Red cables instead of thicker IDE cable).

A: Series ATA (SATA) is a replacement for the older parallel ATA or IDE cables. The older generation has 40 pins, where if a connector bent one of the pin, it will damage the device.

Whereas the SATA devices only have 7 pins and connecting without damaging the pin as easily. Thus, SATA connectors and cables are easier to fit in closed spaces and reduce obstructions to air cooling.

The SATA cable are less susceptible to accidental unplugging and breakage than IDE. Secondly, the SATA cable is not as robust or thick like the older IDE cable. One of the problems associated with the transmission of data at high speed over electrical connections is loosely described as'noise. With a thinner cable, it gives the SATA devices a faster transfer speed. It's also the newest technology device for the next ten years. SATA'S ADVANTAGES over the older cable. 7 pins connection prevents less accidental damages than the older 40 pin IDE. Thinner cable is less cluster to have more open room for cooler interior and extends the life of the fan that will prevent the device from overheating. Newer technology, whereas the IDE are currently being phased out. Q: Why Choose Pioneer DVD restringble drives?

A: First, Pioneer is one of the leader in manufacturing drives that is compatible in burning almost every major brand of DVD & CDs. This top of the line burner has the SMART-BURN(1) technology avoiding Buffer Under Run error, Automatically adjusting writing strategy &walking OPC to provide the best burning quality. 1 This Quiet drive have internal mechanisms of the ABS (Auto Balance System) reduce vibration and noise during recording and reading. The drive were redesigned to better insulate the distracting noise generated by a disc spinning at extremely fast rotations per minute (RPM). The unique interlocking design ensures a low acoustic noise by "trapping" the airflow noise generated by the spinning disc while simultaneously dampening the sounds created by normal drive usage.

2 Optimal Write Speed: the drive recognizes the disc media and automatically adjusts the write speed to ensure the highest quality digital preservation of vital files. 3 Improved Durability: through the new anti-dust design, an improved chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drive's internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the drive's operability and life span.

4 Depends on the quality of the blank media discs, at 22x writing speed, the drive is ahead of its time by providing high maximum speed for many DVD media for years to come. All payments must be able to be withdrawn from U. WE WILL NOT FALSIFY the amount, quantity, description, or any part of the custom declaration form as it is against the law to do so.

Brand of 2nd Alternate Burner. None, Pioneer is the only Burner Brand. This item is in the category "Computers/Tablets & Networking\Drives, Storage & Blank Media\CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplicators". The seller is "duplicators-central" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, Australia.

  • Brand of 2nd Alternate Burner: None, Pioneer is the only Burner Brand
  • Writable Format: DVD+RW, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD+RW Dual Layer, CD-RW, DVD+R Dual Layer, DVD-RW Dual Layer
  • Number of Burners: 1
  • Burner: Pioneer
  • Target(s): 1
  • Readable Format(s): DVD-ROM, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD+RW Dual Layer, CD-RW, DVD-RW Dual Layer, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Dual Layer
  • Supported Formats: DVD/CD
  • Interface: SATA
  • Product Type: DVD/CD Duplicator
  • Brand: Duplicators Central
  • Features: USB Port, Stand-Alone Operation

1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0    1-1 Pioneer Standalone DVD/CD Multi Disc Copy Burner Writer Duplicator & USB 3.0